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Fulton Yards

Crack open the history books (and maybe a beer).

So how’d we pick Fulton Yards? We settled on it primarily because of the people who settled in our neighborhood. Back in the early 1800s, the strip of land hugging the banks of the Ohio River had grown into one of the most vital wooden steamboat building centers in all of America. Oh yeah, and the neighborhood happened to be called Fulton. By 1819, one-quarter of all the riverboats plying the mighty Mississippi and Ohio Rivers were built in one of Fulton’s shipyards.


Skilled carpenters, mechanics, sawyers, caulkers and ship joiners were drawn to Fulton to build their family history along with the majestic wooden, wedding-cake adorned structures they built from the ground up and launched from Fulton’s docks. Fulton grew and was incorporated into the City of Cincinnati in 1832 and eventually became known as the East End. The lumberyards and sawmills fed the shipyards. And soon, grocers, bakers, bankers and merchants arrived to feed the needs of the community. This celebrated neighborhood was born to build. 


Now, Fulton Yards Coffeehouse and Spirits is throwing open its doors; a comfortable hub rooted in the ethos of Cincinnati’s original industrious neighborhoods. Everyone’s invited to come savor the coffee, experience the art, taste the flavors, converse with friends over cocktails and riverside sunsets and build on history. Just like the skilled laborers, mechanics, artisans and merchants of the past, Fulton Yards invites all who embark today to fuel their creative spirit and commit to full steam ahead.

There are so many stories yet to tell. We look forward to hearing yours.

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