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Truly Great Coffee

It's at the heart of our identity. Start your day or cap your night with our stimulating menu of coffee drinks, espresso and coffee-doused cocktails and martinis. Ethically sourced and freshly ground at Findlay Market by our amazing Friends at Urbana Cafe


When the caffeine wears down, stop back for a relaxing glass of wine or freshly shaken cocktail on our deck. And don't miss the ever-rotating galley gallery of new and distinctive tastes: hand-rolled croissants and delights from Baudry French Pastries; specialty cheese and charcuterie trays; and a selection of light fare from local Cincinnati food artisans.

A Unique Experience


At Fulton Yards, we are hearkening back to the days when the coffeehouse was the central community gathering place and allowed the sharing of conversation, art, music, comedy, events and just hanging out.


Everyone has a purpose, and ours is to help support yours. We opened our doors to create a space our East End (and now Norwood) neighbors and guests can freely call their own. Power up your laptop or better yet, unplug completely and start a conversation with friends or someone you just met. We're here to provide a comfortable setting for everyone launching their own personal pursuits. Oh, and did we mention the coffee and spirits?

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


When we talk about "ethically sourced," what we mean is actively supporting the environment and the farmers who work so hard to bring us our favorite beverage. 


Buyers must comply with sustainability standards, as well as initiatives designed to improve the standard of living for the growers. Whether it's providing the tools that growers need for a better quality of life, or only buying from farmers with a focus on eco-friendly growing methods, buyer's whose products are labeled "fair trade" and "direct trade" ensure that coffee producers are supported.

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